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Kellyanne Conway: Trump's Sexual Assault OK Because "He Will Create Jobs"

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Donald Trump's propagandist in chief Kellyanne Conway was confronted by a teenage girl at an event in Washington, D.C yesterday about her support of a candidate who has been accused of sexual assault. 

The Hill reported that 17 year old female high school student Maaike Laanstra-Corn asked her how she can “rationalize” working for Trump a man who has been accused of sexual assault. According to Politico, Corn said:

Donald Trump has negated claims that he sexually assaulted women but also admitted to a tape where he seemed to be describing sexual assault. How do you rationalize that as a woman and also as his campaign manager?

Conway, who spent months defending her boss's sordid, misogynistic history stuck to her script and continued defending a man who stated he moves on women "like a bitch" and can "grab them by the pussy" because of his wealth and power. 

“Women are tired of the same argument and the same thing you are presenting to me right now,” Conway responded.

“I'm glad that people looked at [those attacks] and said, 'You know what? That's an argument that will not create a single job in my community, not bring back a single of the 70,000 factories that have been closed, will not deter one member of ISIS from doing their bloodletting here or anywhere else in the world.” 

So sexual assault is OK with Kellyanne Conway as long as it leads to jobs. 

Remember, this is not normal, and it must never, ever be normalized.