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This CNN Video of Trump Supporters Shows You Why We Are Completely and Utterly F*cked

Someone please save us from this madness.
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I am having a very, very hard time holding back anger towards this group of astonishingly ignorant Trump supporters interviewed on CNN last night. My better angels tell me that they have been badly abused by America's appalling media system and crumbling education system that has utterly, utterly failed them. But a part of me cannot help but feel that they bear some responsibility for their mind blowing failure to educate themselves or master basic reasoning.  

How do we combat this? Where do we go from here? Is there any hope for America if adults can be so easily manipulated by Fox News, and the vile right wing propaganda system?

Perhaps there an alien species out there watching this tragic drama unfold until it gets to the point of no return. If so, can they please intervene? Just watch:    

I would urge those of you upset by this video not to respond with anger. It might seem completely hopeless, but this ignorance has to be fought with facts and reason. It may not work, but it's the only hope