The Delicate Snowflakes On The Right Faint Over Charlie Sheen's Anti-Trump Tweet

Wait, I thought the right hated political correctness?
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Charlie Sheen has deeply offended Trumpsters by calling for Donald Trump to be the next celebrity to shed his mortal coil:

This has sent the right into a frenzy with people calling for Sheen to be arrested or killed. Others settled for calling him a "useless cockroach" and "a truly evil soul." Still others are shocked, shocked, that anyone could be so disrespectful to the president-elect. What kind of country are we living in?! Charlie Sheen is a terrible person and shouldn't say such things!

In other words, the same people who spent 18 months screeching about how much they despised "political correctness" are now insisting on...political correctness. Even more laughable, the same people that spent 8 years hurling vile insults at Obama are scandalized that people are doing the same thing to their guy. They literally prayed for Obama to die but are now deeply offended by the behavior they normalized. This is not to say that Charlie Sheen should be applauded for calling for Trump to die but let's not pretend he crossed some kind of line. This is the world the right longed for.

It was clear from the beginning that the right's war on "political correctness" was actually a desire to be hateful in public. They wanted to call homosexuals "f*gs" and black people "n*ggers" without consequences. They still haven't quite figured out that electing a bigot to the presidency doesn't actually make bigotry acceptable to the overwhelming majority of the  American people. They'll get the message soon enough.

In the meantime, the right is clutching its pearls over their own obnoxious behavior being reflected back at them. They seem confused that the time and effort they spent denigrating and undermining the office of the President of the United States has achieved the desired result. After all, if we weren't supposed to respect an intelligent, professional, highly accomplished and scandal-free president like Obama, why in the world would we respect the a corrupt sexual predator and buffoon like Trump?

Like so much of the damage done to the foundations of American political institutions and norms, conservatives built that. Or, rather, they dismantled it during their mad grab for power at any costs. Republicans salted the earth as they waged war against decency and tradition and their voters cheered them on. Now they're surrounded by smoking ruins, wondering why an angry public isn't cheering their (illegitimate) victory.

Since Trump "won", his supporters have taken to calling us "snowflakes" for being outraged over what is essentially a stolen election. But they've turned out to be the most delicate snowflakes of all, wilting under the slightest insult or criticism. It's almost as if they have a sense of what a monumental disaster Trump is going to be and they're already trying to stifle the coming (and well-earned) tsunami of blame and anger that's coming their way.

Good luck with that.

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