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The Shape Of Things To Come: Republicans Seize Illegitimate Control Of North Carolina

They're just one or two steps away from openly declaring themselves the permanent ruling party and it won't stop there.
burning constitution

We won't be needing this any longer. Laws are for peasants.

If you haven't already heard about the horrifying power grab by the North Carolina Republican Party, don't worry, this is just the beginning. Republicans have been emboldened by Donald Trump's illegitimate win and are quickly shedding any pretense of upholding democracy on any level.

North Carolina Republicans, unhappy that a Democrat won the gubernatorial election, are in the process of stripping incoming governor Roy Cooper of much of his lawful power:

The proposed laws strip the incoming governor of powers his predecessor held, including the power to appoint his Cabinet without legislative approval, the power to appoint trustees for the University of North Carolina and the power to oversee the state's election board.

That last part is key. Republicans, acutely aware that time and demographics are not on their side, have take increasingly bold steps to tamper with elections. North Carolina, a swing state with a sizable minority population, is particularly vulnerable to a blue shift. This explains why the state's Republicans tried to illegally purge thousands of voter registrations right before the elections after having their voter suppression law struck down for targeting "African-Americans with almost surgical precision".

It shouldn't matter who oversees the election board if both sides are running an honest operation. But by denying Democrats their lawful oversight of the elections, Republicans are signaling their intent to continue tampering with the ballot box. And they'll get away with it, too. It's not like the GOP-controlled federal government or the soon-to-be right-wing Supreme Court will oppose them so why not go all the way?

If Republicans are successful in North Carolina, it will be a signal to every state-level Republican Party that it's time to cement their hold on unearned power. Gerrymandering will become even more extreme and state elections will become a sham, with even large Democratic cities somehow "electing" Republican representatives.

We are witnessing the endgame of the bloodless coup Republicans initiated in 2010. They've become so brazen about their disregard for the will of the people they're not even pretending this is anything but a naked power grab:

"A Republican leader in the House, David Lewis, defended the moves, telling reporters that Republicans would “work to establish that we are going to continue to be a relevant party in governing the state.”"

He might as well have added "No matter what the plebs voted for" to the end of that. Welcome to the shape of things to come.

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