Trump Is In Total Control Of A Mob Of F*cking Morons

The right wing is already goosestepping to Trump's tune.

Oh how the times are achangin'. A new poll from YouGov shows a stunning rise in warm, fuzzy feelings for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin among previously hardcore Commie-hatin' real 'Murikans:

Just a little context here. Back in 2009, Fox News and AM Hate Radio turned Obama's "Czars" into a scandal. The corporate media, already doing its part to normalize right wing lunacy, made a few noises about how "Czar" was a media-invented shorthand for presidential policy advisers but otherwise let the outrage fester with little push back. After all, it made for great drama.

So a nickname to replace cumbersome titles like "Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse and head of the Narcotics Treatment Administration" (shortened to "Drug Czar") was held up as "proof" that Obama was some kind of Russian agent preparing to hand America over to the Soviets. This red-baiting hysteria went on for years. Reagan had Czars as did both Bushes and none of that mattered because something something Obama's a Commie.

But nowadays, right wingers are tripping over themselves to gaze adoringly at Putin's saggy abs. Why? Because Donald Trump has nothing but praise for the leader of a country that is openly hostile to the United States. Yes, Putin is still unpopular with a slim majority of Republican voters but a 56 point swing towards favorable in 2 years is a clear sign something is deeply wrong with the American right wing. Even after finding out Putin essentially hacked our election, these once-upon-a-time haters of all things Russian can't stop defending Putin. Think about that: Because it's in opposition to the Democrats, Republicans are taking the side of Russia over their own country.

While Republicans, Fox News and AM Hate Radio archly announce that they have rock solid principles while liberals have none, their actions say otherwise. For the last eight years, the only guiding principle of the right has been "Do the opposite of whatever the left wants." That's it. If the left wants to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists, the right wants to make guns even easier to buy. If the left wants to use a law created by conservatives to get healthcare to millions of people, the right suddenly decides their own law is a deadly assault on America.

And if Donald Trump says the leader of Russia is better than our president, the right suddenly warms up to him after years of screaming about how Russia is our enemy and Obama is in bed with them.

This is what a political movement looks like when it has no center beyond maintaining white supremacy. This is what a political movement looks like that can be easily led by the nose down any road, no matter how dark, twisted and evil. This is what a political movement looks like just before it becomes drunk on violence.

To paraphrase Voltaire, "Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." It's painfully clear that when Donald Trump tells his hordes of raging white nationalists that China is in league with the American left to spread Communism, they will believe him. When he says that we need to restrict voting rights so the election is not stolen, they will believe him. When he announces that we have to put Muslims in camps to protect "real" Americans, they will believe him.

The right already believes absurdities. Now come the atrocities.

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