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Michael Moore: "Donald Trump Is Gonna Get Us Killed"

And after he's done with that, he's going to declare a "state of emergency" to permanently seize power.
Michael Moore

There is a common fear that is starting to congeal among the left about the threat of Donald Trump occupying the Oval Office: When the next major terrorist attack occurs on American soil, kiss your civil rights goodbye. Giving a voice to this fear, Michael Moore took to Facebook on Tuesday and let loose a barrage of well-earned rage at the laziest, most dangerously incompetent president-elect in American history:

It's one thing to have a president who was asleep at the wheel. But, my friends, it's a whole other thing to now have a president-elect who REFUSES TO EVEN GET BEHIND THE WHEEL! This utter neglect of duty, a daily snub at the people who work to protect us, the first Commander-in-Chief to literally be AWOL and announcing proudly he isn't going to change -- this, I assure you, is going to get a lot of innocent people killed.

If only a successful terrorist attack were the extent of the damage Trump will do, it would be a tragedy but not an existential threat to the country. But this is Donald Trump we're talking about and as Moore points out, it promises to be so much worse:

So, my fellow Americans, when the next terrorist attack happens -- and it will happen, we all know that -- and after the tragedy is over, amidst the death and destruction that might have been prevented, you will see Donald Trump acting quickly to blame everyone but himself. He will suspend constitutional rights. He will round up anyone he deems a threat. He will declare war, and his Republican Congress will back him.

We here at the Banter have a similar concern:

If this sounds like pure fantasy, you've apparently forgotten what happened in the immediate aftermath of 9/11/2001. ...
By the time the rubble had been cleared several months later, the United States was already torturing suspects, creating legal fictions to bypass the Geneva Conventions against war crimes and preparing to bomb Iraq as as a prelude to an invasion based on 100% fabricated evidence.   

Under Donald Trump, America is one Reichstag Fire away from destruction and the terrorists know it  

Trump is already declaring himself above the law and chafes at the idea of his power being constrained in any way. He would clearly leap at the chance to suspend the rule of law indefinitely and seize absolute control. Moore explains that the only way to counter the coming fearmongering and power grab is hold Trump accountable and make sure no one forgets what he's done:

When this next terrorist attack takes place, it is YOU who will be charged by the American people with a gross dereliction of duty. It was YOUR job to pay attention, to protect the country. But you were too busy tweeting and defending Putin and appointing cabinet members to dismantle the government. You didn't have time for the daily national security briefing. Don't think we're going to let you use a modern-day burning of the Reichstag as your excuse to eliminate our civil liberties and our democracy.

We will remember that while the plot to kill Americans was being hatched, your time was consumed by whom you saw as the real threat to America: Alec Baldwin in a wig.

Accountability will be more important than ever in the aftermath because people will be afraid and looking to anyone who will make them feel safe again. Trump is a master manipulator and he will give the American people someone to blame and that promise of safety. All they have to do is surrender all of their rights to him and he will protect them from the scary Other. 

If Trump is not held accountable for neglecting his duty to the public, then all is lost. We must remember that none of this is normal and we must resist the push to make it so. It's the only hope we have for keeping the American experiment alive.