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Seth Meyers Nails "Baby" Trump For All The Times He "Lied His Ass Off"

Donald Trump literally lies more than he tells the truth but his supporters couldn't care less.
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For more than a week, President-elect Donald Trump has been patting himself on the back for supposedly saving a thousand jobs at the Carrier plant in Indiana. The problem with that is that he didn't actually save 1,000 jobs and on Thursday night's episode of Late Night host Seth Meyers exposed Trump for the liar that he is. 

During the segment on Trump's many, many lies, Meyers said,"So Trump first claimed he would stop Carrier from moving jobs to Mexico, then claimed he was saving over 1,100 jobs and then it turned out he was saving only 730 which The Washington Post reports is just 37 percent of the total who were due to leave the state." 

It's true that Trump has been telling tall tales about all of the jobs he claimed to have "saved." Three hundred of them were not even part of the number that was going to be eliminated in the first place. And while it may be a relief to the 700 families whose jobs actually will be staying in the state, it does not change the fact that Trump "lied his ass off," according to Meyers. After ripping Trump apart for the Carrier deal, Meyers played a mashup of Trump's lying as easily as most people breathe.

The POTUS-elect is well known for his inability to tell the truth. Last year, he lied so frequently that Politifact gave him the not-so-prestigious "2015 Lie Of The Year" title. In fact, the fact checking website found that Trump lied 91% of the time in 2015 and it looks like he doesn't plan on becoming an honest man any time soon. Why would he? He was able to win the Electoral College (while badly losing the popular vote) and become arguably the most powerful man in the world this way so he has no reason to morph into Honest Trump now. 

This is what we have to look forward to for the next four years. And while his supporters may think it is perfectly fine that he is hoodwinking them, world leaders will not take to kindly to his behavior. The only thing we can do now is work our butts off to make him a one-term president and hope like hell he doesn't start World War III with his bullshit.