NY Times Op-Ed Calls For Trump To Threaten Nuclear Armageddon

A foreign policy based on terrorizing the world? What could possibly go wrong?
Nuclear explosion


With Trump filling his Cabinet with hawkish generals and religious lunatics, neo-conservatives are salivating at the prospect of a return to the "good ol' days" when the world was terrified that the United States would start World War III on a whim.

In a New York Times op-ed that should give you nightmares for the next 4 years, frothing neo-con Mark Moyar outlines a worldview that can charitably be called "suicidal". Advocating a return to Nixon's "madman theory" that left the world wondering if America was out of control, Moyar calls on Trump, an actual madman, to "put fear back in the nation’s enemies":

Mr. Trump has indeed terrified foreign leaders with his “America first” mantra, his promises to enlarge the American military and his tough talk on everything from the Islamic State to Air Force One. The good news is that his administration can turn this fear to the benefit of the United States.

In other words, Moyar would like America to terrorize the entire planet by threatening violence for the slightest provocation. Trump is already comfortable with this kind of bullying. For an example, just look at his threats of shooting Iranian sailors for making rude gestures at us. That this is an insane way for a country to conduct itself does not seem to matter. That Trump is a walking id incapable of restraint or self-control also seems unimportant in Moyar's calculus for world domination.

Moyar, the director of the Center for Military and Diplomatic History at the right wing think tank Foreign Policy Initiative, also writes wistfully of Ronald Reagan taking the world to the edge of nuclear armageddon because it made us look strong:

In 1980, as in 2016, Americans elected someone who made clear his intent to put fear back in the nation’s enemies. Nowadays, even liberal Democrats applaud Reagan for bringing the Soviet Union to its knees. Back in 1980, however, Reagan’s tough, nationalist stances on foreign policy aroused the same condemnation of “fearmongering” currently emanating from the world’s enlightened critics of Mr. Trump.  

Of course Moyar is pushing the myth of Reagan defeating the Soviet Union because playing nuclear chicken with the world is perfectly acceptable in the neo-con worldview. And if the missiles fly, America will rise phoenix-like from the ashes and rule the planet because something something "American exceptionalism".

Moyar and his cohort are dangerous people and Trump is going to be all too willing to listen to them. A foreign policy centered around terrorizing other countries is going to be catnip to a raging narcissist that enjoys forcing others into humiliating submission. Between that and Trump already wondering why we don't use our nuclear weapons, Moyar's call for a return to brinkmanship is like giving a lighter to a 5-year-old in a warehouse full of fireworks and telling him to light a few fuses.

We are about to enter what might well be the most dangerous state of world affairs since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Even worse, this unstable situation exists solely because we elected to president a petty, thin skinned bully who's itching to push the Big Red Button to show off how big his dick is. And just to freeze your blood even more, said bully is being goaded by warmongering lunatics who are overestimating how easily Trump can be controlled. 

Moyar's op-ed may very well end up being the obituary of the United States (and the human race): "They ended the world but they looked strong doing it."