Democratic Lawmaker Expertly Trolls Trump With "Drain The Swamp Act"

The Democrat said he just wants to help Donald Trump keep his promises. Honest!
Trump promised to drain the swamp and then filled it with snakes. But that's none of my business.

Trump promised to drain the swamp and then filled it with snakes. But that's none of my business.

Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio introduced a bill on Thursday to help President-elect Donald Trump fulfill one of his campaign promises: His pledge to "drain the swamp." 

Throughout Trump's campaign he said that draining the swamp would be a top priority for his administration if he were to be elected. The Republican claimed that the only way to make the government "honest again" was by getting rid of the bureaucrats in Washington D.C. and he even laid out a 5-step plan to do it. However, the moment the self-proclaimed billionaire was elected, instead of draining the swamp, his administration started to look like the Everglades. He immediately began appointing establishment Republicans like Reince Priebus and Wall Street insiders like Steve Mnuchin and suddenly, the whole "drain the swamp" thing didn't seem like it would ever become a reality.

Of course, it makes sense that Trump would forget about the promise, he needs these swampy Republicans because he has no idea what the hell he is doing. But Rep. DeFazio has decided that he isn't going to let the POTUS-elect let his voters down, so he introduced the DRAIN the SWAMP Act (Deter Revolving-door Appointments In our Nation; Stop Washington Appointees from becoming Manipulative Petitioners).

“I want to help him in this effort,” DeFazio said on the House floor. “Unfortunately, his proposal lacks any enforcement mechanism. I want this to be more than a press release.”  

DeFazio's bill contains step one of Trump's 5-step swamp draining plan, prohibiting all executive branch officials from lobbying the government for 5-years after they leave service. It would also prevent senior executive branch officials from ever lobbying on behalf of a foreign government. 

According to the bill, if someone violates the ban they could face up to five years in prison. Although DeFazio's bill will expire when the current session ends on Thursday, he said he plans to reintroduce it in January. 

The Democratic congressman is brilliantly forcing Trump to put his money where his mouth is. If he genuinely wants to stop the revolving door, Trump will step up and pressure the Republican-controlled Congress to support the bill. If not, he is going to be forced to explain why he doesn't believe he should keep his word to his supporters. What do you think he'll do? We're betting that Trump will pretend DeFazio's bill doesn't even exist.