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Rick Snyder is Fighting a Court Order Requiring Michigan To Deliver Clean Water To Flint Residents

Because, of course he is.

Three weeks ago, a federal court judge ordered the state of Michigan to take care of the people of Flint and provide them with bottled water. However, instead of complying with the court order, Snyder has decided to fight it. 

In his ruling, U.S. District Judge David M. Lawson ordered state officials to deliver water to residents of Flint who do not have properly installed and maintained water filters in their homes. The judge issued a preliminary injunction that stated that Michigan must deliver four cases of bottled water each week to the residents who qualify. In addition, he ordered the state to open distribution centers for residents who decline home delivery. 

Snyder is apparently not interested in providing delivery service to the suffering residents of the mostly African-American city:

The state appealed that ruling in a Nov. 17 court motion, calling the ordered water distribution a “herculean effort” that “would be on the magnitude of a large-scale military operation” and extremely costly. The state estimates it would cost at least $10.5 million monthly to carry out and is seeking an emergency motion to block the order.

The state argues that most of the Flint homes already have filters on their taps and that replacement filters and water is available at distribution centers across the city. They also claimed that the relief efforts will undermine other relief efforts. “The response to Flint involves much more than providing bottled water and filters,” the state's motion reads. “It includes, among other things, fruits and vegetables, food-bank support, and other nutrition assistance to Flint children; provision of mental health services; provision of school nurses; and lead-abatement programming.”

Henry Henderson, Midwest director for the Natural Resources Defense Council, was appalled by Snyder's attempts to wiggle out of the court order. Henderson released a statement saying,"Seeking to delay the federal court order that the state immediately fix Flint’s water crisis is an obvious insult to the people of Flint, whose tap water has been contaminated with lead for more than two years.”

It is undeniably disgusting that Snyder's administration is fighting this Judge Lawson's order. The people of Flint deserve to have water delivered to their homes for the simple fact that they did not cause the problems in their city. It doesn't matter how much it costs to provide this service or how difficult it will be to implement; they deserve clean water to drink and wash themselves with. Snyder's administration poisoned these people by cutting corners and trying to save money, and now it is their responsibility to rectify the situation. After all, isn't that what a governor is supposed to do when his citizens are in desperate need of help?