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Sarah Palin's Latest Facebook Post on Leadership Reveals Why She is Unfit to Lead Anything

This is Sarah Palin's definition of leadership.
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According to the latest reports, Donald Trump is considering former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin to head up the Veterans Administration (VA). 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a woman who can barely string a coherent sentence together may well be in charge of the lives of military veterans for the next four years. Calling this a reckless, idiotic and extremely dangerous idea would be like calling the invasion of Iraq a 'questionable decision'. The calamity that would ensue would be irreversible and tragic beyond description. 

Unwittingly on same day as the news broke, Sarah Palin posted this on her Facebook wall:

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Given George W. Bush a) ignored intelligence reports indicating an attack was imminent b) spent 7 minutes staring blankly into a book title "My Pet Goat" when informed of the attack, c) invaded the wrong country in response, and d) led the most disastrous post invasion occupation in modern history, one would think that Palin might have chosen a better example of great leadership. 

But then in Palin's mind, real leadership simply consists of saying you are a great leader. Unsurprisingly, her devotion to Donald Trump was in large part due to the newly elect president's constant bragging about his leadership. And should she actually get the job running the VA, we can be sure she'll run it with the same philosophy. 

If the Democrats are able to get their act together and focus their efforts on blocking Trump's suicidally stupid administration picks, this is where to start.