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Stop me if you've heard this one before, but Donald Trump -- now the president-elect of the United States -- just went on another of his breathtakingly unhinged Twitter rants. The target was, of course, the media, this time specifically CNN correspondent Jeff Zeleny, who apparently ran afoul of the psychotic Cheez Doodle by pointing out the absurdity of his claim that "millions" of illegal votes were cast for Hillary Clinton on election day. Zeleny began his report on tonight's AC360 with the line, “Donald Trump is showing signs tonight of being a sore winner." Needless to say, that was too much of an assault on Trump's rice paper-thin skin, so he began attacking Zeleny and retweeting anyone doing likewise -- including, it turns out, a 16-year-old boy. Once again, your fucking president-elect. 

Seriously, do yourself a favor and peruse this batshit lunacy then click over and see who these people are the future leader of the free world is seconding.

This will probably fall on deaf ears, particularly coming on a day in which Wolf Blitzer once again proved that CNN has Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to Trump, but this kind of insanity -- with the president-elect behaving as little more than the world's most powerful internet comment section -- should prove to the press that it doesn't stand a chance with Trump. Not one fucking chance. This is how it's been for months and months and it's how it's going to continue for the next four years and potentially beyond. Trump is temperamentally incapable of controlling his impulse to lash out when he feels he's been slighted and he'll conscript any of the idiot online rabble that supports him into his army when he declares war on Twitter.

The media can try to normalize him or pretend that he'll at some point play nice, but the fact is it shouldn't and he won't. This is what a President Trump will be like: constantly antagonizing any press unwilling to go all in on whatever fact-free nonsense comes tumbling out of the sphincter in the middle of Trump's sagging orange face. The media will spent every waking moment futilely trying to refute the steady stream of unbelievable bullshit Trump traffics in and on the defensive as Trump utilizes the full power of the U.S. government against the uncooperative. This is a fact. Certainly more of a fact than just about anything Trump says at any given moment.

With that in mind, the press should understand that it has full license to do its job and call out Trump over and over again. To call his lies, you know, lies, and to refuse to play by his rules. Trump has proven that he's the whip-holder in an abusive relationship and he'll strike without warning, reason, or mercy. So if you're going to get beat down anyway for doing the bare minimum your job requires, why not go all-in and live up to the extraordinary responsibility inherent in the job of a journalist? It doesn't even require a "slant," of any kind. All it requires is reporting the truth without fear or concern for the outcome. 

The political press is covering a liar and a lunatic. It's time it started acting like it.