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For The Last Time: No, Clinton Is Not "Going Negative"

Fact Check: when you quote your opponent DIRECTLY, it isn't mudslinging.
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For some reason, the myth that Hillary Clinton is "mudslinging" is still widely accepted by Trump supporters and those in the media. Even NPR has said both candidates are mudslinging. But is that true?

"Trump And Clinton Mudslinging Ensues, As Trump Sends Mixed Messages On Immigration" reads an NPR headline from August 28, 2016. The article stated that "ugly accusations flew between the" campaigns:

This past week, more ugly accusations flew between the presidential campaigns. Hillary Clinton gave a speech accusing Donald Trump of helping hate groups become mainstream while he accused his rival of being a bigot. Trump may have softened his stance on immigration in a confusing round-about from his previous position, and he continued to shock and dismay some on Twitter with an odd appeal to African-American voters.

Donald Trump has taken hate groups more mainstream, that isn't an "ugly accusation," it's an ugly fact. But Hillary pointing that out is somehow an example having equal complicity with Trump for going negative. Even worse is the complaint about Clinton using Trump's own words against him. Inexplicably, people seem to think that reflects negatively on Clinton. But let's be clear, repeating your opponent verbatim and in context is not mudslinging. Period. 

Here are two videos, taken from a Share Blue article, that show exactly who the candidates are -- there really is no comparison. 

Drawing a false equivalency between the two candidates is a lazy way to downplay the extraordinary awfulness of Trump. It allows the press to keep up the pretense that "both sides" are just as bad so they can maintain their phony neutrality. It also just so happens to normalize Trump's dangerously abnormal behavior.

After this election is over, the press needs to ask itself some tough questions about how they cover American politics because Trumpism isn't going away and continuing to treat it as regular politics is a death sentence for America.