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Breaking: Trump Just Told The New York Times That The Top White Nationalist Website Is Not Racist

If you tell a big enough lie...

For months, Donald has been trying to walk a thin line between openly appealing to the racism of white people while pretending he's not being racist. He's succeeded only to the extent that the "liberal" press has been extremely reluctant to call out Donald's numerous ties to white nationalists. This has continued even after he hired Steve Bannon, the executive chair of, and made him his "Chief Strategist".

Breitbart, as you're probably aware already, is the premier website for white nationalists of every stripe. It's a cesspool of white rage, racial resentment and calls for genocide against minorities. Bannon himself has touted his site as catering to white nationalists.

Yet, in an interview with the New York Times today, Donald had this to say about his closest adviser and his white nationalist website:

This is Donald's brazen attempt to normalize the pure hate that is Breibart. It remains to be seen if the New York Times acquiesces to Donald's self-serving fiction in the hopes of securing more access to his administration or if they will remember what it means to be journalists and call him out on his obvious lies.

Correction: This article previously stated that Donald Trump had ties to White Nationalist groups like the KKK. Trump has no official ties to the organization, although they have endorsed him. Trump has ties to the American Freedom Party, a group that "exists to represent the political interests of White Americans"