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Voted For Trump? This is The Movement You Joined

You chose to join their ranks. Own it.
nazi salute richard spencer

One of the more predictable responses from Donald voters is that they have no idea what you're talking about when you call them out for allying themselves with the newly elect President. They're shocked, shocked, that they stood side by side with the  KKK and neo-Nazis. Surely, their willful ignorance dictates, Donald can't be held responsible for a few bad apples. That's just not fair!

In the spirit of stripping away their half-assed excuses, here's a fun exercise in public humiliation for your Donald voting friends and relatives. Gathered below are a dozen representative quotes from Breitbart was, of course, run by Trump's top advisor Steve Bannon until just a few months ago. 

The following posts are not outliers in the comment section, they are the norm. More revealing is that unlike the comment section of, say, The New York Times or The Washington Post, the racial hatred receives little to no push back from the other commenters. These are not trolls. This the audience Bannon deliberately built.

Oh, and just for fun, there are two quotes mixed in from Stormfront, the second most popular white nationalist website after Breitbart. See if you can find them*.

The article: Buchanan: Working Class White Americans ‘Look To Donald Trump’ ‘The Way A Lot of African-Americans Looked to Barack Obama’

The comments:

Brown people can't assimilate. If the browning of America continues, this country will become a new Mexico, El Salvador, Venezuela.Make America White again!Trump wall!   

Demographics matter. DNA matters. Differences in IQ and the drastic differences in phenotypes proves your theory wrong, humans are diverse and this is the only type of diversity worth saving.
Average IQ of various racial groups:Oriental Asian: 106European: 103Arab/Middle Eastern: 85-90South Asian: 85-90Indigenous Americas/Hispanic: 89Black American: 85African: 70Australian Aboriginal: 64.

You are just used to losing and not fighting and not winning and prevailing... you have no damn fortitude in your belly! You piss and moan and whine, and you are good at it. Perhaps, there is a Negro in you. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and be White, if you really are White.

Jews had a hand in it too as they have a hand in all white dispossession.

Why won´t the BLMtards go back to the motherland?

You are simply an idiot. The third world, consisting of largely low IQ uneducated filth, are looking for free handouts from American (current and future) taxpayers. White people will be paying for the third world refuse who are invading our country, with the POS traitorous occupant of the White House refusing to enforce the immigration laws of the United States.  

The article: Row Erupts in France As Former Minister Says France is a White Race Country

The comments:

You're SO right. We whites have to re-learn to love and treasure our whiteness. My family is white, my neighborhood and my friends are white. Whites are my tribe and I value them above all others. Sorry, but I don't want blacks or muslims living in my neighborhood because crime will follow and eventually my beautiful neighborhood will be destroyed - the way blacks and muslims destroy every place they invade.
The problem is we're running out of places to call our own. Europe is gone, the US and Canada are following the same disastrous road...where can we go?

It's time for Europeans to take back their respective country. BTW, drop the reporter in one of those Muslim ghettos in Paris or Marseille. Let's see if he likes it.

Obama basically defined the next gen Americans to be something, ..more like him. A hybrid of a foreigner (horny lustful Kenyan Black) and some dumb White liberal Hawaiian woman.

Sarko is an ethnic activist (Jewish) who advocated for the destruction of French whiteness. The best way to stick it in the eye of cultural marxism is to have white babies.

France is a white nation, and it must remain so.

Again, these are not cherry picked outliers. They're a little more blunt but otherwise they're run of the mill. Donald's top adviser built a safe haven for angry racists to openly express their white nationalism and ignorant rage. That's explicitly why Donald hired Bannon to run his campaign; he was reaching out to these people and mobilizing them.

*The third quote under each article is from Stormfront. Notice how there's literally no difference? That's who your Donald voting family and friends put in the White House. They'll want to deny it, but they voted for white nationalism and you should never let them forget it or, even worse, normalize it. None of this is normal and pretending it is will be the end of America.