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No, It Is Not Okay To Call Melania Trump a "Whore"

The right's hypocrisy can and should be called out but Melania Trump doesn't deserve to be slut-shamed in the process.

One of the tenets of liberalism is a profound respect for women. Liberals do not believe in body-shaming, slut-shaming, unequal pay, infringing on reproductive rights and a number of other things that the Republican Party has readily embraced with their war on women. Unfortunately, it seems as though some people on the left have decided to throw this principle out the window when it comes to Melania Trump. 

A few months before the election, nude photos taken during her time as a model surfaced in the press. Most liberals responded exactly the way you'd expect with a shrug of the shoulders and a laugh at the GOP "family values" hypocrisy. However, some progressives responded by calling Trump a "whore", "slut", "gold digger" and other degrading names. After Donald Trump was elected, a vile hashtag "#FirstWhore" popped up on Twitter and Facebook. Along with the hashtag, came memes like this:



Suddenly, people who have always maintained that a woman should not be slut-shamed, are doing exactly that. Their excuse is that she deserves to be called these horribly offensive names because she married Donald Trump. 

Let's be clear, it is absolutely acceptable to call out the right for their hypocrisy. The anti-porn crusaders who slammed Michelle Obama for committing the horrible crime of showing her arms, suddenly have no problem with the new first lady's past. It's perfectly acceptable to point out the double-standard they clearly have. However, that doesn't mean that the way to point out this hypocrisy is by calling Melania is a "whore." 

Melania Trump is not a whore or a slut because she took off her clothes for a photoshoot. She is an adult woman who felt comfortable enough with her body to pursue a career in modeling. She has the right to do whatever the hell she wants with her body and nobody has the right to shame her for her decisions. Period. Also, we have absolutely no idea if she married Donald Trump for his money. Accusing her of being a gold-digger without any evidence to support it is just as bad as the imbeciles on the right who think Hillary and Bill Clinton are only together because they are power-hungry. Frankly, even if she did marry Donald for his wealth, that's nobody's business. 

What is clear about this despicable behavior is that it proves that misogyny is not an exclusively conservative problem. By slut-shaming Melania, progressives lose any credibility they may have had to speak out about women's rights in the future. They have become the very thing they hate: uptight, puritanical misogynists who have no respect for women.