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By now you've probably seen the video clip, since it went predictably viral in record time. If you haven't, prepare for your fists to begin involuntarily clenching as your brain sends a flood of electricity through your body, preparing it to hit something over and over again until the madness stops. The video was shot by some poor soul on a Delta flight to Allentown, Pennsylvania, and it shows the scene made by a Donald Trump fan as he went on a loud tirade in support of his clown god right in the middle of the flight. The guy shouts, "Donald Trump, baby!" and demands to know whether there are any "Hillary bitches on here." Honestly, I could never really do the whole thing justice. You need to see and hear it for yourself.

You know, there isn't really a whole lot worth pontificating on here. There's no sense in even trying to have a deep philosophical conversation about a dumbshit hick who thinks he's entitled to bully a plane full of people because Donald fucking Trump will soon be president. There's no reasoning with someone like this. So, with that in mind, I guess the only real question here is, why in the ever-loving fuck didn't somebody stand up and knock this guy on his ass? Or why didn't Delta, at the very least, toss him off their plane or detain him?

I can't say for sure how I would have reacted had I been on that plane, but I have a feeling it probably would've ended with my being led away in handcuffs by security for beating this asshole within an inch of his life (or at the very least trying to). Seriously, how long do you think you would have lasted? How long would you have taken being berated by Larry the Cable Guy here before you stood up and knocked his fucking teeth out? Jesus, the passengers of United 93 managed to fight back against terrorists and thwart an attack that would've potentially killed hundreds. Nobody on this plane could rush this clown and beat the shit out of him?

Look, here's the situation: Trump's inexplicable victory has emboldened assholes like this guy. This is the kind of white-guy bully who turned out in huge numbers to Trump's rallies and who thinks the country is finally "his" again and if you don't like it, well, fuck you. Trying to understand, empathize or get into a logical debate with somebody like this will get you exactly nowhere. Delta should've thrown this buffoon off the plane, but in the absence of that, some upstanding citizen should've dropped him. That kind of reaction is the only thing a guy like this understands. As long as Trump's IQ-deficient shock troops see us as their docile, captive prey, this kind of crap will continue. It'll only stop when somebody finally fights back.

Would I have gotten my ass kicked in this situation? Who knows. Would I have stayed silent while this asshole went off? Not a fucking chance.