Trump's Foundation Is So Corrupt, Not Even Fox News Can Ignore It

They didn't really expose all of the corruption, but they couldn't ignore it, and that is pretty big.
Featured image via Flikr, Johnny Silvercloud

Featured image via Flikr, Johnny Silvercloud

When Fox news actually reports on the Trump Foundation's apparent corruption, you can be sure it's a big deal. They didn't actually cover all of the major issues with the recently released 2015 Tax Documents, but the fact that they covered it at all is noteworthy. Via Fox Business:

The Washington Post has been following other suspicious practices at the Donald J. Trump Foundation in recent years, including the use of the charity’s money to settle legal disputes for Trump’s businesses and also to purchase multiple items at charity auctions on behalf Trump and his wife, Melania. As a result of these allegations, the New York Attorney General’s office has opened an ongoing investigation into the nonprofit.

These specific forms do not offer any color as to the exact nature of the violation the foundation is reporting, and whether it is related to any of the aforementioned incidents.

Although Fox New's article makes clear that there has not yet been confirmation that the documents uploaded were the same ones that the IRS received, they do highlight some of the major problems with it. Among the more troubling issues is that Trump's foundation paid $10,000 dollars to Project Veritas, a known propaganda outlet.

Also noteworthy from the filing was the foundation’s contribution to Project Veritas, the activist organization responsible for the release of undercover footage of alleged attempts at voter fraud by the Democratic Party this fall.

They also mention that Trump has paid a $2,500 dollar fine for his illegal "donation" to Pam Bondi through his foundation. Bondi was the Florida AG who would later drop her investigation into Trump's "university". This would be the same university Trump is now paying a $25 million settlement for.

What they don't mention is that Trump also donated to a media research non-profit that churned out one pro-Trump report after another. They also don't discuss that the tax forms show that he suddenly claimed assets in 2015 that were purchased in 2014, but not claimed on his 2014 foundation tax documents.

Even worse, Fox neglected to bring up the shady donations, like the $150,000 received by the foundation (tax-free) as part of the deal for a speech while he was a candidate for president. That money was paid by another non-profit foundation owned by a Ukrainian steel magnate (more information on that controversy here).

The questions raised by these documents really do seem to indicate that Trump was only screaming about Hillary Clinton's charity being crooked so no one would pay attention to his. The fact that the Trump Foundation is so corrupt that even Fox News felt obliged to report on is an indication of just how bad the next four years are going to be.