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American Kleptocracy: Trump Is Already Using His Power To Help His Business

Get ready to witness the most corrupt administration in American history.
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Shortly before the presidential election, we brought you a story about Donald Trump having a meltdown over wind powered energy. The president-elect has long been fighting against the renewable energy source because of a wind farm just offshore of his golf course in Scotland. The self-proclaimed billionaire complained that guests can see turbines while they are visiting his course and he even sued to have construction stopped on the wind farm. Much to his dismay, Trump lost the lawsuit and construction proceeded as planned. However, now that Trump has been elected president of the United States, he has decided to use his power to benefit his business and get rid of the green energy farms he hates so much.   

According to reports by The New York Times and The Express, shortly after being elected, Donald Trump held a meeting with U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage as well as Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore (leaders in the Brexit movement) to discuss wind farms. Wigmore told the Times that Trump asked the leaders to fight back against any plans for new turbine farms,"He did not say he hated wind farms as a concept; he just did not like them spoiling the views." The Brexit leader went on to say that Banks is already against the farms and  would be "campaigning against wind farms in England, Scotland and Wales." 

Wigmore also said that Trump "did suggest that we should campaign on it" and that the conversation "spurred us in and we will be going for it."

When the Times asked Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks about the meeting, she categorically denied the president-elect ever asking about wind farms. But when the Times explained to Hicks that Wigmore relayed the conversation with Trump, she refused to respond further.

The fact that the president-elect is using the power of his position to further his personal business interests is exactly what many feared would happen. Not only has Trump not handed over his business to his children as he claimed he would, he has said that voters knew about his unprecedented conflicts of interest beforehand and still chose to elect him, essentially saying he has free reign to profit off of his presidency. 

The only way for Trump to legitimately separate himself from his business would be to sell all of it to a someone outside of his family and put the money in a blind trust. It is becoming more obvious every day that he not only has no intention of selling his business, but that he's becoming increasingly comfortable using his new status to reap enormous financial benefits. 

We are about to bear witness to the most corrupt presidency in American history and it's unclear that congressional Republicans will lift a finger to stop it.