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Trump's Republican Party Is Already Plotting to Steal Billions From 20 Million Trump Voters

Trump's proposed repeal of President Obama's regulations will take time and a half overtime away from millions of people who voted for him. Who do you think they will blame?
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"Thanks, Obama!" Regulations put in place by President Barack Obama are set to give tens of millions of Americans making less than $47,000 a year time and a half overtime pay starting December 1st. Politico has reported that this mandatory pay raise is on the list that the GOP-controlled House is considering for repeal within the first 100 legislative days. 

That means this repeal won't happen until well after the rule goes into effect, giving all of those workers a taste of what being paid what they're worth is like. Tom Bonier, CEO of Targetsmart, a data, technology and consulting firm used exit polling data to confirm that 20 million of those set to lose their raise voted for Trump:

Along with this, Trump voters (and many others) will have to contend with the loss of the ACA. Millions of people making below 50 thousand a year (or up to 400 percent of the federal poverty level) count on the legislation to make insurance available and affordable to them. Republican repeal fever could hit millions of their own supporters in the wallet, and their health, at the same time. 

But if we have learned nothing else from the last eight years, it is that anything that angers, hurts, or seems unfair causes the right wing to break down into hysterics while blaming Obama for it. This includes the emergence of Trump himself, or policies he tried to stop but the GOP pushed through anyway.

Whom exactly, do you think they will blame for their loss of disposable income? If these 20 million Trump voters follow their usual pattern, they will not only blame Obama, but also any liberals left in the government.

In a sane world, Trump's voters would be horrified that their working class champion immediately took money out of their wallet and handed it to the rich. But white conservatives are so invested in Trump's promise of making America great (white) again that they will blame anyone but the people responsible.