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Mike Pence's Selfie With House GOPers Says A Lot About The Republican Party

Did he not learn from Paul Ryan's mistake?

A few months ago, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan caused an internet firestorm when he posted a selfie of himself with the Republican interns on Capitol Hill. The photo showed Ryan surrounded by a sea of fresh, young and very white faces. After the outrage it elicited from people all across the country, one would think this is not a mistake the GOP would make twice...but then Vice President-elect Mike Pence came along.

On Thursday, a photo of Pence with House Republicans was posted on the House GOP's Twitter page:



As you can see, the Republican Party is not very diverse. The party is made up of mostly white, middle aged men and the new vice president fits right in. Just like the picture of Ryan with the interns, this photo proves that the GOP really has no intention of making their party a more inclusive one. 

Twitter users, however, noticed something else about the photo and it's pretty funny:

The lack of color within the Republican Party is going to be a problem for them in the future. The party may have won this election largely thanks to the white working-class Americans who showed up at the polls to vote for Trump, but within the next decade or so they won't be able to rely on those people. 

The electorate is getting more and more diverse as Baby Boomers die and Millennials reach voting age. In fact, in 2015 the number of minority babies born outnumbered white babies for the first time in our history. Eventually the GOP is going to be forced to reach out to these kids or risk killing their party. So they should enjoy the sea of whiteness while it lasts.