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Trump Suggests Women Will Have To Travel To "Another State" For An Abortion

The man who respects women more than anyone else.
Screenshot via CBS News

Screenshot via CBS News

On Sunday night, Donald Trump revealed his plans to hurt millions of women across the country with his archaic "pro-life" policies. During an interview with CBS' "60 Minutes" the president-elect told host Lesley Stahl that he plans to elect anti-abortion justices who may overturn Roe v Wade.

"The judges will be pro-life," Trump said. "But having to do with abortion - if it were ever overturned - it would go back to the states." 

Stahl informed Trump that if he were to do that then women in red states would be hurt. "Yeah, but then some women won't be able to get an abortion," she said. Trump's response should erase any idea that he plans to treat women with the respect and kindness that we deserve:

  "Yeah, well, they'll perhaps have to go - they'll have to go to another state."   

Abortion has been legal in this country for more than forty years because the Supreme Court recognized that a woman should have the right to make medical decisions on her own. Republicans have already been chipping away at our reproductive rights for decades and now Trump wants to completely strip us of them.

If Roe v. Wade is overturned and it was left up to the states, women in red states would be forced to seek out unsafe alternatives to terminate their pregnancies. Sadly, even with Roe v. Wade, this is already happening in states where Republicans have restricted access to the procedure. For instance:

  • In 2015, Kenlissia Jones, 23, of Albany, Ga., ordered pills online to terminate her pregnancy. The young woman took the pills and then gave birth in the back of a car on the way to the hospital. Authorities arrested her and charged her with murder and drug possession, the murder charges were eventually dropped. 
  • In 2015, Anna Yocca, of Tennessee, attempted an abortion with a coat hanger in her home. The fetus was born with damage to his heart, lungs and eyes because of the botched procedure. She was arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder.
  • In 2014, Pennsylvania mother Jennifer Ann Whalen was sentenced to jail time after she illegally obtained abortion pills online for her teen daughter. She said she bought the pills because her daughter wanted to terminate the pregnancy but the nearest clinic was 74 miles away.
  • In 2013, Purvi Patel, of Indiana, ordered pills online to end her pregnancy and gave birth to what she claimed was a stillborn fetus. She was prosecuted under Mike Pence's feticide law and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

If Trump and his right-wing cohorts get their way, these stories are going to become more common in this country. In fact, it is entirely likely that women could be jailed for just having a miscarriage like the women in El Salvador are. Apparently, when Trump said he was going to "make America great again", he meant that he was going to "make women die again." How thoughtful.