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Trump Supporter Curt Schilling Thinks Lynchings Are 'Awesome'

Thanks to Trump, this kind of stuff is now considered okay.

Former baseball player and current nobody Curt Schilling took to Twitter on Monday to once again show America just how deplorable Donald Trump supporters can be. In a tweet that has since been deleted, Schilling shared a photo of a man wearing a t-shirt with a joke about lynching members of the media and exclaimed that it was "awesome":

Curt Schilling Twitter

Curt Schilling Twitter

The vocal Trump supporter went on to defend his vile tweet in a series of responses to people who were disgusted by his suggestion that journalists should be violently murdered. In one response he declared the photo was just "sarcasm":

In another he implied that liberals can't be offended by the photo because we are the "party of abortions." Yes, Schilling actually thinks that murdering members of the press and aborting a fetus is exactly the same thing. Finally, when a member of the press lashed out at him, he responded by claiming she wasn't "tolerant" of his beliefs:

Donald Trump has spent almost his entire presidential campaign railing against the media and calling members of the press "biased." His attacks on journalists have been so bad that NBC reporter Katy Tur had to be escorted to her car by Secret Service agents after Trump singled her out at a rally. Now, members of his basket of deplorables think that it is perfectly acceptable to joke about killing journalists because Trump's feelings have been hurt by the truth.

Many of us woke up this morning and thought,"Finally! We have reached the end of this shit show!" but have we really? Yes, tonight we will find out who our next president will be and our daily Swiffer commercials will no longer be replaced by political ads. However, tomorrow morning we will open our eyes and the people who have been emboldened by Donald Trump's hate, like Curt Schilling, will still be very much a part of our country. How do we get past that? To be completely honest, no one knows. This election has brought to light a lot of ugliness that was hiding just beneath the surface in America and there is no way we are going to be able to bury it again any time soon. 

We can try to mitigate the damage, though. If you are reading this and have not voted yet, please go to your polling place, cast your ballot, and vote to keep Trump out of the White House. The deplorables will be a lot weaker if their chosen one is not running this country into the ground on their behalf.