America Really is Being Saved From Trump By A "Big, Beautiful Brown Wall"

After you vote, take a moment to thank minority voters today!
brown wall.jpg

When you go to the polls today, here is a thought to fortify you: We are being protected by a "big, beautiful brown wall." Latino turnout in Florida is tracking at 130% of normal, and African American turnout is consistent with the population in Florida, which is 13%. That may just keep this country from facing 4 years of infantile, angry leadership, or worse. 

"Donald Trump will be kept from the White House by a big, beautiful, brown wall,” Clinton supporter Maria Cardona said during a tumultuous CNN panel. The panel was centered on Ana Navarro's announcement that she, a lifelong Republican, is voting for Hillary Clinton and also included Trump supporters Corey Lewandowski and Andy Dean. Both men were aghast at the numbers, refusing to accept that they signal an impending Trump loss, but Baraki Sellers, another panelist, broke it down for them: 

“But what you see Andy, and what you and Corey are missing is the larger talking point. The larger talking point is that the electorate is more diverse. That benefits Hillary Clinton."

Minority voters can not do this alone, but their voices are being heard louder than ever. It's up to the rest of us to also get out of our comfort zones, even break from our party like Ana, to take the time and vote against an untenable candidate.

Vote like your life depends on it, because it very well may.