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Trump Continues His War on Women by Harassing Female NBC Reporter

This isn't the first time he has put this reporter in danger, either.
Trump speaking to a crowd in Miami, Fl. 

Trump speaking to a crowd in Miami, Fl. 

Donald Trump continued his despicable assault on the press on Wednesday during a rally in Florida. The Republican presidential nominee singled out NBC reporter Katy Tur, again, in another one of his "dishonest media" rants at the Miami event. 

Trump accused the press, specifically Tur who has been embedded in his campaign for the last year, of being unfair and biased:

“We have massive crowds. They’re something happening. They’re not reporting it. Katy, you’re not reporting it, Katy.” Trump said to cheers. “But there’s something happening, Katy. There’s something happening, Katy.”  

This wasn't the first time Trump his singled out the NBC reporter during one of his events. Earlier this summer, Tur had to be escorted from a South Carolina rally by Secret Service agents. In an essay for Marie Claire Tur said she has been the subject of harassment by Trump fans ever since being targeted by him:

The wave of insults, harassment, and threats, via various social-media feeds, hasn't stopped since. Many of the attacks are unprintable. "MAYBE A FEW JOURNALISTS DO NEED TO BE WHACKED," tweeted someone with the handle GuyScott33, two weeks after Trump lashed out. "MAYBE THEN THEYD STOP BEI[N]G BIASED HACKS. KILL EM ALL STARTING W/ KATY TUR."

Now Tur is once again on the receiving end of his unwarranted anger because she is apparently supposed to report that there are huge numbers of Trump fans. The self-proclaimed billionaire seems to think that just because a couple of thousand people show up to stroke his ego, it means he will receive a majority of the votes next week. Of course history has shown that crowd size means diddly squat in the grand scheme of things.

Take, for example, 1968 presidential candidate George Wallace. The Alabama governor was obscenely popular among white supremacist groups in wake of the Civil Rights Movement. He was able to draw thousands upon thousands of people to his often violent rallies. But his showmanship meant very little on Election Day and Wallace walked away with just 46 Electoral College votes. Mitt Romney, Michael Dukakis, John Kerry and Walter Mondale all drew huge crowds also, and they all lost their respective races. So the idea that Katy Tur and the rest of the media is somehow biased because they do not praise Trump for his crowd size is ridiculous and completely misleading. 

Attacking the press (and threatening to punish them as president) for doing their jobs is a direct assault on our First Amendment rights and American values. Lying to his fans and telling them that his crowd size means something when he knows it doesn't proves just how little he actually respects them.