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Shed A Sad Tear For Trump: "He And His Family Made Enormous Sacrifices To Run For President"

Cue the world's smallest violin played by the world's biggest liar.
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In the closing days of the election, Trump's personal spinbot, Kellyanne Conway, wants you to take a moment to feel bad for all the sacrifices the Trump family has made over the last 18 months and to remember what a clean, policy driven campaign he's run. Seriously.

During an interview on CNN, Conway was rewriting history  actually had the chutzpah to say, out loud, that we should appreciate what Trump has put himself through for 'Murika:

“And he’s doing this for all the right reasons,” she continued. “I mean, I think people will look back at this campaign — particularly after he wins on Tuesday — and they’ll say, we totally missed how much America just appreciated… how much America appreciated the fact that he and his family made enormous sacrifices to run for president.”

Trump surely has sacrificed a lot. He's lost hundreds of millions in in revenue as his business partners dropped him like the toxic waste he is. His hotels are hemorrhaging money as people avoid anything with the name "Trump" on it. And his brand, the only thing he actually cares about, has suffered significant damage by being inextricably linked to white supremacists. But, you know, he's doing it for all the right reasons.

Conway wasn't done being laughably dishonest yet as she showcased a textbook case of projection:

The campaign manager opined that Trump is “seeing the cesspool that’s become of the Clinton campaign and realizing this just not what people want.”

What Conway seems to have forgotten is that all of the horrible things that the Clinton campaign has been saying about Trump have all been in his own voice. Is it really going negative when all you're doing is literally playing clips of a candidate being a raging misogynist and racist?

Conway is trying to convince people that Trump hasn't just spent 18 months waging the ugliest, dirtiest and lowest campaign in American history. Rather, we're supposed to believe that Trump is a high-minded leader focused on the issues. And if you believe that, Donald Trump has a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Here's the video via Raw Story: