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Jill Stein Endorses Donald Trump Because She is a World Class F*cking Idiot

Hillary is the greatest danger of all time but Trump and his growing fascist white supremacist movement? Eh, no big deal.
Vote for me and I promise to elect Donald Trump!

Vote for me and I promise to elect Donald Trump!

Update: A lot of people are pointing to a Snopes article "debunking" this one. The problem is that the Snopes article refers to a vague statement made by Stein in the middle of October. This article concerns a post from October 31 and has nothing to do with the statement covered by Snopes. 

Jill Stein finally went all in on being a spoiled, privileged jackass by publicly endorsing a Trump presidency over a Clinton one. Stein's Social Media Director, Jillian (last name not revealed) posted an ill-informed rant about the evils of Hillary Clinton on Stein's Facebook page:

A Clinton presidency is D A N G E R O U S .

And no, I'm not just saying that because of her white-privileged faux feminism. Google it. My vote is indeed... going... to a woman (and a white one at that).

I do not want someone in office that knows the system the way Clinton does. If Obama can do what he's done, it scares the hell out of me to think about the damage and destruction Hillary will cause—and how much power the 99 percent will lose in the process.

Saying Hillary Clinton is a white-privileged faux-feminist compared to Jill Stein is possibly the most comedic case of projection imaginable. Hillary has spent decades fighting for women's rights and literally went undercover to expose institutional racism. Jill Stein spray painted a bulldozer and encourages anti-vaxxers to ignore science.

Jillian rants about her unaddressed pet peeves for a while and how Hillary won't deal with them (even though she's spoken repeatedly about how she would) before getting to the money shot:

So yes: If a Trump presidency would mean that we have to fight ignorants in the streets—I'm ready for that. I know that kind of racism. We already live in that kind of racism everyday—let's bring it to light and start calling it out.

There it is. The perfect snapshot of white privilege. The smug sense of righteousness completely disconnected from the reality others will experience. "I know that kind of racism"? Really? Unless "Jillian" is a black woman that lived through the terrors of the Jim Crow Era, she doesn't know a fucking thing. She doesn't know that millions of black people fled, literally fled, the South to escape the violence.

Jill Stein is old enough, but since she grew up in white and wealthy neighborhood in Chicago, it seems unlikely she's ever had first hand experience with real white supremacy and the depraved violence it spawns.

There's more to the rant and Stein has allegedly stated, "I couldn't have said it better." But honestly, there's nothing worth reading after "I know that kind of racism". Jill Stein and her campaign have finally jumped the sharked and fully embraced a nihilistic worldview that would inflict massive suffering on billions. In her fantasy, burning the system to the ground will usher in a liberal utopia. It's a steep price to pay for paradise but Jill (and Jillian) certainly won't be the ones paying it so why not light the match?