Trump Disaster: Republicans Voting Early in Florida Are Switching to Clinton

These numbers clearly don't mean a slam dunk. Get out and vote blue, dammit!


Last night, Lawrence O'Donnell reported that exit polling shows 28% of early Republicans voters in Florida have voted for Hillary Clinton:

That would be a sign of an impending disaster for Donald Trump. The caveat here is that the poll is comprised of self-reporting, not ballot counting. It could be true, or disinformation. It would confirm the fear that Trump really has alienated the GOP core and Millennial voters. However, even if it is true, this is the kind of information that could slow Hillary's momentum in swing states like Florida. A slowdown in momentum in such a tight and important contest could be disastrous for Hillary, instead of Trump.

From The Hill: 

The poll also showed Clinton ahead of Trump 48 to 40 percent overall, with a larger lead — 55 to 37 percent — among those who said they already voted.

In the Florida Senate race, the poll showed incumbent GOP Sen. Marco Rubio ahead of Rep. Patrick Murphy by 6 points, 49 to 43 percent.

The poll surveyed 718 people, 311 who said they voted early, through web and phone interviews. 

This poll is too small of a sample size to really rely on. It does show some very exciting news, but we must not allow that to turn into Democratic voter apathy. The GOP isn't going to win Florida for Hillary Clinton by themselves and they're certainly not going to hand the Senate race to the Democrat.

So get out, vote blue, and keep the momentum going. Even 28% of Florida GOP voters appear to agree: Trump is a clear and present danger to our country and we all need to do our part.