Confused Glenn Beck Attacks Clinton, Accidentally Retweets Best Argument Ever to Elect Her

Poor little Glenn is one very confused conservative.
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You have to feel a little sorry for Glenn Beck -- the poor chap is having the hardest time during this presidential election. On the one hand, he hates everything Hillary Clinton stands for and believes her to be the devil incarnate. And on the other, he sees Donald Trump as being an even greater threat to the Mormon inspired utopia he envisions for the country, and is urging his fans to vote against him. 

In rightwing circles, particularly the insane ones he runs in, being anti Trump is akin to hating gays in San Francisco. So poor Glenn has to navigate this treacherous landscape with the finesse of a ballerina. He will attack Trump, but in order not to alienate too many of his viewers, he has been going after Hillary Clinton too to let them know he hasn't turned into a Communist. 

However, proving yet again that the extreme right has a hard time reading, Beck tweeted out this Slate piece to his fans today:

Unbeknownst to Glenn (because he didn't read the article), Slate had compiled an extensive comparative list of both candidates' "offenses and misdemeanors". There were 239 disqualifying points on Trump's side, ranging from him forcing the military to commit war crimes to stating women should be punished for having abortions. And on Hillary Clinton's side there was this: 

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Must try harder, Glenn. Must try harder...