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Wikileaks Forgets To Hide Their Pro-Trump Agenda In "Rigged" Tweet

If you still had any doubt who Wikileaks is rooting for...
Julian Assange

Not a progressive champion.

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs posted a tweet from Wikileaks that tells you everything you need to know about their intentions:

This is not the tweet of a liberal group only interested in transparency; this is a tweet by a highly partisan player with a very specific agenda. Said agenda, of course, being the downfall of the evil American empire no matter who gets hurt in the process.

This is not progressive in the slightest.

Back in 2009-2010, the ostensibly liberal Jane Hamsher of the now defunct FireDogLake website went full scorched earth against Obama and his signature legislation, Obamacare. She did this because it wasn't a single payer system and therefore was a betrayal of all that is liberal and good in the world. 

Hamsher went so off the rails that she started working with Tea Party Republicans to scrap the bill. Obamacare isn't perfect but it got over 20 million people health insurance, many of them for the first time. But because it didn't live up to Hamsher's standards, she wanted it destroyed. 

And so it always is these days with the far left. Assange and his group are their heroes because they're out to take down The Man, maaaaannnn! Overthrow the corrupt system, burn it all down and a magical liberal utopia will take its place. Sure, there's no historical precedent for that but that doesn't matter!

Curiously, the far left always seems to be comprised of the beneficiaries of the system they despise so much: white, middle class and insulated from the deleterious effects of the anarchy they so desperately long for. It's almost like they consider their struggles to be far more important than the struggles of the black, Latino and LGBT communities. 

These are the children who think "President" Trump would be great because he would make the rotten system crash and then....freedom! Sure, millions would suffer and tens of thousands (or more) would die but that's a small price for other people to pay.

Assange is even worse because he wants this chaos on a global level. Millions would die and countries like Russia would run rampant over Eastern Europe, but Assange, all safe and snuggled in his Ecuadorian Fortress of Scummitude, could care less about that. 

The Far Left is, at last, all but indistinguishable from the Far Right. Destruction for the sake of destruction is not a progressive ideal and it never has been. Serving the greater good means you are willing to sacrifice your own priorities to advance those of your allies. Throwing them under the bus to get what you want is how conservatives think and any progressive that subscribes to this philosophy has forgotten the "We" in "WE the people".