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Judging by the size of his Vienna sausage-like fingers, and despite his oh-so-presidential public protestations, it's likely that deep-throating Donald Trump is an act that doesn't require a whole lot of effort. This is good news for Sean Hannity, because tonight he's proven once and for all that on his knees with a swollen orange gut resting atop his used car salesman haircut and a flaccid micro-penis between his bird lips is his natural state. 

For months Hannity has been positively shameless in his Trump sycophancy, to the point where he's been called out by pundits and media watchers left, right and center. Hannity is basically the little terrier who bounces around and over the big bulldog in the old Warner Bros cartoons, giddily asking him what he wants to do today and raving about how "Spike's my pal because he's so strong!" 

When Trump wants his wrinkled ass kissed and a couple of softballs thrown delicately over home plate, he knows exactly where to go. And everyone knows it. Even, it turns out, Megyn Kelly. Maybe that's why on Wednesday night's episode of her show on Fox News, Kelly called out Hannity, saying, "Donald Trump, with all due respect to my friend at 10:00, will go on Hannity and pretty much only Hannity and will not venture out to the unsafe spaces these days." 

She called his show a "safe space." You really can't get much more insulting to an alt-right pretender like Hannity.

So how did Lumpy respond? Well, given that Sean's a tough guy and isn't at all a, you know, complete pussy, he immediately ran to Twitter to light Kelly up. His take: Megyn Kelly, Hannity's colleague and a woman Trump infamously called a bimbo and accused of being on her period, is obviously a traitor to the conservative cause. 

It shouldn't really come as a shock that Hannity would respond so viciously against a coworker and friend given that a) he's a Trump talking points delivery system, b) he's spent months openly assailing any conservative he sees as betraying the movement by not throwing his or her full support behind Trump, and c) he seems to legitimately be in the middle of some kind of nervous breakdown. 

Still, the point can't be hammered home enough that Hannity has chosen to hitch his wagon to a racist, misogynist, nativist bully who may very well represent the death of the modern GOP -- the party Hannity has made a profession out of being an unthinking propagandist for -- rather than defending a woman whom he calls a friend. If Hannity's career survives the implosion of Trump, it'll be a miracle. And after tonight, it's doubtful Megyn Kelly will be there to give him a shoulder to cry on in the aftermath.