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MEMBERS ONLY: Donald Trump vs. Jim Jeffries: When Sexism Is No Laughing Matter

"At no point does Jim Jeffries insist that a threesome was always his for the taking. In fact, quite the opposite. Trump, though -- for Trump he'll tell you that's just last Thursday."

I don't write quite as much as I used to. The reason for this is that I have a full-time job elsewhere as a television producer, one who's currently trying to wrap-up the debut season of a show that will begin airing early next year. It's a gig that requires quite a bit of travel around the country, with stops, so far, in Upstate New York, New Orleans, Detroit, and soon St. Louis and New York City. These cities were the mere starting points of my various shoots, with many requiring travel from them outward to the furthest reaches of the areas they hub. Case in point: I may have landed in Detroit and used it as a home-base, but my crew and I, in order to get the material we were looking for, had to travel across most of Michigan's lower peninsula day after day. This meant a hell of a lot of driving, some of it completely on my own -- just me and my trusty Chrysler Town & Country. (Ask anyone who works in TV production and they'll tell you, it's all about the stow-and-go seating.) 

Normally, when I'm driving, I listen to music. But with so much time on the road, during the Michigan shoot I decided to instead click over to Spotify's comedy channel...

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