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Keith Olbermann Calls Trump A "Disloyal Bastard" In His Most Heated Rant Yet

Did you know Trump praised yet another dictator, siding with them against the US?

Sometimes, a rant needs to happen. Especially when we are far too close to a man leading our country that repeatedly sides with dictators over our own leaders. Keith Olbermann delivers that needed rant in his latest piece and he has some choice words for Trump. 

Trump's love of dictators didn't start with his Putin bromance, it actually goes much further back. He has been siding with dictators since the violent attack on protesters in Tiananmen Square. If you didn't know that, assume that your Trump loving friend or family member (you know the one, we all have at least one) doesn't either. 

Watch the video here: 

The fact that Republicans are still backing this petty little tyrant is the clearest sign yet that all they care about is power. They've abandoning every single principle they once held dear and disgraced themselves for decades to come.