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Hillary Clinton: The Anti-Prom Queen

Who needs popularity when you can make the world a better place, instead?
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton doesn't really care if you love her. No, seriously! It's not that high on her list of priorities. She's far too busy planning how she's going to make the world a better place.

This may sound unbelievable but there's really no other way to understand Hillary's long and more-liberal-than-most-people-realize career. No one leaves law school and goes to work at the Children's Defense Fund for the glory and admiration of their peers. They do it because it's important work and it helps people.

And that's really the entire point of Hillary's career as a public servant. Long before she became the First Lady or Arkansas and then First Lady of the United States, Hillary Clinton spent a summer working undercover to expose illegally segregated schools in the Deep South. Hardly anyone knows about this and it's rarely talked about. The soon-to-be first female president went undercover to fight against racism in a part of the country that had a nasty habit of killing people who fought against racism.

She wants to make things better and doesn't need the applause of a job well done. Hillary Clinton is the anti-Prom Queen. Being popular is important only insofar as it gets her elected to office. It's a means to an end. We make fun of her for being stiff and awkward as she tries to parade on the stage for the popularity contest we call "elections" but the people who are are paying attention are not electing her because she can razzle up a crowd.

We're electing her because she's a super nerd with ovaries of steel who can get the job done.

One of the things people often complain about with Hillary is that she's too smart and too wonkish. Chuck Todd infamously whined that she was "over-prepared" for her debate with Donald Trump.

That is pure insanity. It is literally impossible to be over-prepared to step into the Oval Office and run the richest, most powerful nation to ever exist. And why wouldn't you want a policy wonk? The most powerful woman in the world should also be one of its smartest. Anything less leaves her open to manipulation by unelected power brokers (See: Bush, George W., entire presidency of).

And remember, Hillary Clinton has faced decades of "Good ol' boy" crap and she's still about to become President of the United States. That was not luck or family connections. Hillary, much to the irritation of many, forged her own path on her own terms. And the whole time she was doing that, she was excoriated by conservatives and the "liberal" media.

Over 25 years of constant harassment and little credit and Hillary never stopped. She's like the Terminator of politics. She's relentless. Even Trump said, "She doesn't quit. She doesn't give up." And he really, really hates Hillary.

Clinton very clearly does not care about being loved, only getting the work done. She does this because, continuing the school analogy, she's not running for Prom Queen or even Student President. Hillary Clinton is running to take over the School Board. You know, the group who makes huge sweeping decisions that directly impact all of our schools? The group most people don't even know exists and gets zero credit when the school playground gets an expensive upgrade?

Hillary Clinton is very much like President Obama in that they're both just fine with letting other people get the spotlight while they effect deep and lasting change. Were you aware of the massive improvements Obama made to college loans in 2010? Probably not because he didn't make a huge fuss over it. But it was, as Joe Biden would say, a BFD.

The bottom line is that for Obama and Clinton, it's not about them and their popularity, it's about making the world a better place. American elections may be about popularity and who you'd drink a beer with but once we get past the superficial nonsense and Hillary gets to work?

We're gonna see some serious shit.