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Sarah Palin Confuses Ben Carson For Obama's Brother Because They All Look Alike Anyway, Right?

Eh, Malik Obama was in the frame so close enough, right?

Sarah Palin, the quitta' from Wasilla, posted a word salad which started out with a startling admission that she is an "Obama admirer." Of course, she was going for the shock value of the statement and later said, "not THAT Obama, this one, Barack's brother Malik." She posted a picture along with it, to cash in on meeting the Republican's newest "hero." 

Sarah Palin Ben Carson

No, your eyes are not deceiving you: That's Ben Carson she's talking to. Malik Obama is the slightly out of focus guy in the foreground.

Apparently, she was having difficulty telling the difference between the two. Either that or there is no photo of the meeting but she desperately wanted a picture with him out there.

Her post reads in part (apologies, this is untranslated from the original Palin): 

Confession: I'm an Obama Admirer

It was nice to shake Obama's hand the other night and whisper a belated "thank you" for the courage and love of country he shows in this most important time. Our nation is at a crossroad; I wish we'd had more time to chat so I could further express appreciation (in the thankless position he's in!) for all his pro-America efforts at such a time as this.

Oh, sorry... not THAT Obama - this one - Barack's brother Malik who attended the Vegas debate in support of the anti-establishment, anti-#NeverTrump, independent, #AmericaFirstMovement candidate Donald Trump

The rest of the long, meandering, Breitbart-linked post indicates that she knows both men are in the photo (we think). However, she is shaking Ben Carson's hand, and Malik -- while in the picture -- is clearly not the focus.

Palin has been the Republican party's gold standard for verbal vomit and run on sentences (at least until this election). We are used to this kind of odd behavior from her. However, if she was trying to cash in on having been nice to a black man because he agrees with her, she should have used a picture of her with that man, not a crazy doctor.