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Trump Abruptly Runs Away From Interview When Asked About Being "Labeled Racist and Sexist"

This is the guy who's going to stand up to ISIS?

During a one-on-one interview with a local station, Donald Trump abruptly left because he was asked about being "labeled racist and sexist." The viewers were treated to the bizarre spectacle of the 70-year-old Trump leaving in a childish snit.

Right before he left in a huff, he did answer Colleen Marshall when pressed with a simple one liner; one that most people are well accustomed to hearing. Trump employed the go-to answer that nearly all racists give: "I am the least racist person you've ever met." 

The deeply troubling thing here, though, is not that he was pissed about the question. It's that a candidate for the top office of the country can't handle being asked about something that is entirely germane to leading an ethnically and culturally diverse nation. Not to mention the fact that a little more than half of us are not male. 

It is also the manner in which he treats the reporter; the askance look down his nose, his anger and his contemptuous dismissal of her. It is also the apparent distress at being challenged and the lack of respect he shows Colleen. 

If he is elected, what will he do when angered while speaking to an enemy or, worse, an ally? Will he respond like the leader of a nation or will he throw a little temper tantrum and storm off in a pouty huff? Is this really the best Republicans can offer the nation? 

Watch his face:  

Watch the full interview here