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Donald Trump is having a really shitty week. The latest polls show his presidential campaign going down in flames; he didn't do himself any favors with his latest pained debate performance (and Clinton's superb skewering of him); and last night he somehow managed to turn himself into the only guy who's ever been booed by a bunch of priests at the traditional Al Smith Dinner. 

Basically, Clinton has Trump's number at ever turn and in such a commanding way that he'd do himself a huge favor by just shutting up until America finally puts him out of his misery on election day. Alas, Trump won't do that. He can't do that. Trump is constitutionally incapable of stifling his impulse to boast about himself and attack his enemies. We saw it at the debate in Vegas, where he absolutely had to call Clinton a "nasty woman," just because she had the temerity to finally return fire in his direction. And we saw it last night, where what was supposed to be a lighthearted roast between candidates turned into the usual bitter and self-pitying airing of various Trump grievances against Clinton and the world. 

It goes without saying that Trump isn't funny, because truly good comedy comes from a willingness to be a butt of your own jokes on occasion. And Donald Trump is incapable of self-deprecation. All he knows is braggadocio and dominance rituals. This is why his ugly, laconically delivered attacks on Clinton got him roundly mocked -- and by some of New York City's most distinguished elite. 

Bad enough that Clinton took the stage right after Trump's colossal bombing and deftly cut him again and again with one great line after another. But then today, her official Twitter account rubbed salt in the wound by delivering the perfect call-back to the previous evening -- and Trump's unfunny collapse -- when, as usual, Trump attempted to use his own overworked Twitter account to promote his alleged debate victory. According to Trump, the results are in and it's "almost unanimous." Trump won the debate!

To that, Clinton's account had the perfect response. 

You know, if Trump weren't such a monstrously arrogant prick and such an obvious danger to the country and the world, I'd almost feel sorry for him at this point.