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Donald Trump Now Blaming His Probable Election Loss On "Illegal Immigrants"

Of course he is.
Donald Trump Love

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump continued to peddle his election fraud conspiracy theory to his low-information supporters on Monday, and this time he chose to blame it on his favorite scapegoat: undocumented immigrants. 

Just before he took the stage at his rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the GOP standard-bearer spoke with Fox News where he was asked about his feud with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Trump responded by saying that he was trying to unite the party but couldn't completely get there when Paul Ryan publicly disagrees with him about his election rigging talking points:

"Every once in awhile Paul will stand up and say he disagree with this or that, for instance when I talk about a rigged election...You look at certain areas of the country in terms of the voters and the booths and everything else and what's taking place, illegal immigrants voting and people that have died 10 years ago voting." (emphasis added)

Fox reporter Carl Cameron went on to ask him to clarify his voter fraud remarks because his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, recently said that Trump was referring to past election voter fraud. Cameron asked the self-proclaimed billionaire what proof he had to prove that the current election was being rigged against him and Trump once again blamed immigrants.

"When you look at illegal immigrants voting all over the country...But we have voters all over the country where they're not even citizens of the country and they're voting. And you look at certain cities...There is tremendous voter fraud. And how Republican leadership doesn’t see that is beyond me."

First of all, there is not "tremendous voter fraud" going on across the country and the Bush Administration unequivocally proved it when they investigated it for five long years. Furthermore, the claim that "illegal immigrants" are voting is also false. During his rally after the interview with Fox, Trump cited a study conducted by two political scientists who claimed that enough undocumented immigrants voted in 2008 to sway the election. However, this study has been debunked far and wide according to The Huffington Post:

 But that post, based on a longer article in the journal Electoral Studies, was quickly and roundly criticized for relying on data from an online survey in which respondents chose to participate, rather than a random sampling typical of scientific polls.  

For weeks, Donald Trump has been telling his supporters that the only way he can lose this election is if it is rigged in an attempt to save face. The real estate mogul's ego is so fragile that he cannot stand the thought of admitting that his campaign strategy to win the election based solely on the votes of racist white America is a losing one. So, realizing that it is becoming increasingly less likely that he will win, Trump has decided that he will poison his base--which already hates Hillary Clinton, immigrants and Democrats--by feeding them lies about voter fraud. It's a desperate strategy by an equally desperate man.