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John McCain's Threat To Block Clinton's Supreme Court Picks Reveals How Truly Desperate Republicans Are

Republicans can see the future and they're not in it.


Back before Antonin Scalia (Satan Rot His Soul), died last year, a lot of anti-Hillary liberals insisted that the Supreme Court didn't matter; that ideological purity was far more important. After he died and Republicans took the unprecedented step of blocking any new Court nominee for almost a full year, it became obvious that the anti-Hillary liberals didn't know what the hell they were talking about.

Yesterday, John McCain gave away the game by saying he and his fellow Republicans would "be united against any Supreme Court nominee that Hillary Clinton, if she were president, would put up." In doing so, McCain did more than just confirm that the Supreme Court matters, he put up a giant neon sign that announced that without the Supreme Court, the Republican Party was effectively doomed.

I know it might come as a surprise to the anti-Hillary left, but the Supreme Court is responsible for a lot of the damage to our country in the last couple of decades. Who do you think allowed the flood of money into politics? Who do you think upheld a lot of the GOP's voter suppression schemes? Who do you think gutted the Voting Rights Act and was poised to gut Affirmative Action as well? Who do you think gave legs to Republican "freedom of religion" laws?

Who do you think stole the 2000 election from Al Gore and gave it to George W. Bush?

But while Republicans screech about "mandated sex change operations", what they're actually terrified of is a liberal Supreme Court stripping them of the illegitimate power they've given themselves. Without extreme gerrymandering, Republican cannot hold the House. They will lose control of state legislatures and the levers of power that go with them. Without voter ID laws, they will lose governorships and Senate seats.

Republicans painted themselves into a corner by appealing exclusively to white resentment and insulting every single minority group in the country. Worse, they turned their base into a seething cauldron of bigotry so when Republicans are forced to appeal to those same minorities for votes, their base will revolt and abandon the "ni**er-loving" Republicans.

This is the future John McCain and every Republican desperately praying for a Trump presidency fears. They believe that the damage Trump would inflict would be worth it as long as the Court stays conservative for another generation. They're wrong.

But the fact that Republicans can think of no other way to remain electorally relevant than to elect Donald Trump so they can continue rigging the system on a massive scale means that the Republican Party is dead and beyond reform. They did it to themselves and no one should shed a tear.