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A Round of Applause For Mark Cuban's Brilliant Trolling of Donald Trump

The one thing Donald Trump hates more than women who refuse to be bullied or objectified by him is anyone more successful than he is.
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The one thing Donald Trump hates more than women who refuse to be bullied or objectified by him is anyone more successful than he is. 

Cue Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, a real billionaire who is vastly more successful than Donald Trump and a prominent backer of Hillary Clinton. Cuban has used his profile as an incredibly successful entrepreneur to brilliantly troll Donald Trump this election cycle, knowing full well that there wasn't much the Republican presidential candidate could say in return. The two have bickered in the past, with Trump attempting to use television ratings as a barometer of success, but with the revelation that Trump has almost certainly not paid income tax for the past 20 years due to hundreds of millions in losses, Cuban has won the battle of the billionaire pissing contest hands down. After the New York Times broke the story that Trump had not paid his taxes, Cuban had the following to say on Bill Maher's show:

First of all, when you look at that tax return, it shows he didn’t have a billion dollars in cash. You can work backwards from the amount of tax and interest that he earned. That means if he didn’t have it, he didn’t have it to lose—so he had to borrow it. So not only did he lose it, he lost someone else’s money. How the fuck do you do that!


Cuban has continued to berate Trump in public, and has been using Twitter to mercilessly pound him as his polling numbers disintegrate into nothingness. Today, Cuban tweeted out the following to his former friend: 

The easily provoked Trump has not responded to the tweet as of yet, which is strange given he spent days (and nights) attacking a former beauty queen for saying mean things about him, and is notorious for holding grudges against anyone vaguely famous who calls him out. 

Given Trump's recent spiral into conspiracy theory and general despair over his irreversibly ruined presidential campaign, this isn't actually surprising. Trump is lashing out at those least able to defend themselves (think immigrants) and can't bring himself to go after someone who a) has more money than him and b) is completely immune to Trump's insults. 

Mark Cuban doesn't care what Donald Trump has to say about anything because he knows full well that Trump is going to lose this election spectacularly, and will have irreversibly wrecked his brand. After the tape of Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women was released, Cuban tweeted the following: 

On some level, Trump probably understands this and it is compounding his sense of complete and utter hopelessness. Cuban -- a shark himself -- smells the weakness and is having the time of his life rubbing it in. 

Keep it up Mark, because Trump will try to come after you when this is all over. And the more damage he takes now, the less likely he'll have anything left post November 8th.