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You might've noticed that Donald Trump has introduced a shortened form of his "Crooked Hillary" nickname for Hillary Clinton. I can only assume that too many of his fanboys were flummoxed by the extra letters required for both words, so Trump is now referring to Hillary simply as, "Crooked" -- as in, "WikiLeaks proves even the Clinton campaign knew Crooked mishandled classified info, but no one gets charged? RIGGED!"

Yeah, Trump's Twitter feed continues to be a bottomless dungheap of awfulness, with the "Crooked" thing growing in popularity among his disciples. That said, he tweeted something early Monday that made me laugh out loud. Here it is:

The poll results aside, and in case you're just joining us, Trump has been on a bit of a jihad against CNN for a while now. Most recently, the cable newser is ground zero for Trump's claims of a "rigged" election. For example:

So, yes, Trump thinks CNN is a fraud. 

And here, Trump doesn't mince words, blurting that "CNN is the worst."

But also on Monday, Trump urged his supporters to watch Melania's interview on CNN. Even though CNN is "the worst" and "a fraud."

Oh, and notice how Trump tagged CNN in both favorable tweets. 

Altogether, Trump clearly thinks CNN is horrible, except when it's not. He believes CNN is rigged against him, except when CNN releases a favorable poll or hosts Melania on their air. 

No wonder Trump's people are apoplectic. The cognitive dissonance is making them lose their minds. If CNN was seriously part of a "rigged" conspiracy against Trump, then it wouldn't be reporting on positive data showing that he might actually gain the electoral votes in a must-win swing state. Likewise, Trump's own wife wouldn't agree to appear on CNN, nor would Trump promote the appearance.

This must be highly confounding to the "poorly educated" Trump voters who don't know whether to retweet Trump's praise for CNN, or to boycott the network while disrupting its reporters during live feeds. For what it's worth, and as of this writing, the CNN poll tweet was retweeted 11,000 times, while the tweet about Melania appearing on CNN was retweeted 2,900 times. That means Trump's supporters actually endorsed Trump's praise of the network.

If you're a Trump supporter and you want to know one of the reasons why the rest of the world thinks you're an idiot, this would be a big one. There's nothing rational or reasonable about what you're doing and who you're supporting. Is CNN rigged against you and your candidate, or are they reporting accurate poll results while offering Melania free airtime to add a glossy sheen to your hero's campaign? It can't be both. 

This might not make sense to you, Trump supporter, but it defies logic to say that CNN isn't rigged when praising Trump and absolutely rigged when its hosts are criticizing him. Either CNN is rigged against your guy, or it's not. What Trump's tweet about the Ohio poll indicates is that CNN really isn't a rigged network -- it shows that CNN is reporting the news. Sometimes the news is good for Trump, and sometimes it's bad for Trump; and you have to admit that Trump's deeply flawed campaign has produced more than its share of bad news. Hell, Trump's been forced to make at least two major apologies for irresponsible things he's blurted (Khan and his "locker room talk," to name two). And if you weren't so clinically off-balance, Trump supporter, you'd recognize how the real world functions, and how the news media isn't exclusively tasked with fluffing your cartoon dictator.

As for the overall "rigged" line of attack, let history show that if there's violence and mayhem on or after Election Day that it was the GOP nominee who maniacally and strategically fomented it by casting doubt about the veracity of the process. And a massive chunk of the blame should go to the GOP, which has allowed this guy to reach this level without cutting him off for good. For years to come, left-leaning writers like those you see here at The Daily Banter will be inextricably linking the GOP with Trump and all of the accompanying terrible things he created. Good luck with that, Republicans. This is on you.