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As Trump's Supporters Go Batsh*t Insane, Liberals Must Stop Helping Trump Whip Them Into A Violent Frenzy

Trump is undermining the very fabric of our country and playing along with his "rigged election" conspiracy because you hate Hillary is despicable.
Yeah, let's rile this guy up some more. That seems like a GREAT idea.

Yeah, let's rile this guy up some more. That seems like a GREAT idea.

I'm not a big fan of playing the "I'm more liberal than you" game. It's tedious and distracting and we have more important things to deal with. But looking at the inchoate rage of the anti-Hillary far left, I would like to urge them not to follow Trump down the rabbit hole and to remember what being a progressive actually means.

Here's the problem: Trump is not going to concede the election when he loses in a landslide. He's been insisting the election is rigged for weeks now and there is zero indication he will recognize the legitimacy of the results come election day.

A lot of people have been writing about what that will mean and they all agree that we're staring down the barrel of widespread political violence. Trump's followers were already primed for violence before Trump egged them on. We don't need to add fuel to the fire.

After spending time in Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein social media groups, it's become difficult to distinguish between the #NeverHillary left and #NeverHillary right. They've both taken to using the same talking points about Hillary.

The primary was rigged against Bernie. She's a war criminal. She's a whore for Wall Street. She's just in it for the power. She's had people killed.

Yes. Liberals, actual liberals, talk about Hillary Clinton's "trail of bodies" in these groups. Sure, some of these people are likely right wing trolls poisoning the well, but no one is forcing the far left to drink. And they are drinking. They hate Hillary so much that pretty much any anti-Hillary talking point is taken at face value, critical thinking need not apply.

And that brings us back to the election. It's going to be mighty tempting for the far left to join with Trump's deplorables in insisting that the general election was rigged. Even now, the far left can't stop ranting about a primary they "know" was stolen. And just like their claims of a "rigged" primary, there won't be a shred of evidence to back up claims about a "rigged" general, but the hatred is so visceral they won't need any.

The idea that liberals would actively harm the country by delegitimizing the President of the United States is horrifying. Republicans have spent 8 years doing just that and the damage done to our democracy resulted in Donald Trump and an upswing in hate crimes and violence at political rallies. What kind of liberal would help further that toxic agenda?

I know hating Hillary is a way of life for far too many on the far left but I urge you to reconsider giving ideological cover to a group of people that want to start a race/civil war in order to reinstate open and aggressive white supremacy in America. At some point, you've gone past cutting off your nose to spite your face and you're cutting off the nose of every minority group and woman in the country.

Go ahead and hate Hillary. Complain that she's not liberal enough. Scream that she's corrupt. But for the love of all that's good in the country, don't give Trump's rabid followers the excuse they need to go on a violent rampage.

If hating Hillary is more important then the lives that will be lost because you propagated the lie that she stole the election, just admit it. Own your disregard for your fellow human and wallow in hate just like the right does.

There's really no difference between you anymore.