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"Pitchforks And Torches Time": Trump's Favorite Sheriff Is Now Advocating For Armed Revolution

Ironically this is the same sheriff who has called Black Lives Matter protests "anarchy."
Sheriff David Clarke with Donald Trump. Photo via Right Wisconsin 

Sheriff David Clarke with Donald Trump. Photo via Right Wisconsin 

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has spent much of the last week screaming "rigged elections!" And now it looks like this unfounded nonsense has begun to infect his simple-minded supporters, one of whom is an elected sheriff.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke took to Twitter on Saturday and called on his followers to take up arms in an attempt to fight the "corrupt" government and media:   

Screenshot via Twitter

Screenshot via Twitter

The sheriff's call to arms came just hours after Trump went on a Twitter rant about the "rigged election" (his excuse for his wretched poll numbers). The Republican nominee said," This election is being rigged by the media pushing false and unsubstantiated charges, and outright lies, in order to elect Crooked Hillary!" And also,"Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted and should be in jail. Instead she is running for president in what looks like a rigged election."

Sheriff Clarke is supposed to uphold the law. Instead, he's spitting on the oath he took when he was sworn into office. He will, of course, claim that he was only speaking metaphorically, but the already unhinged rhetoric of Trump supporters is becoming increasingly focused on violent revolution and Clarke knows it.

Ironically, Clarke recently claimed that the peaceful Black Lives Matter protests are "anarchy." Apparently, the only kind of legitimate protest is a Second Amendment protest, black people exercising their First Amendment rights need not apply.

Welcome to Donald Trump's America.