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Today we learned about yet another incident in which Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president, ogled a group of 14-year-old girls, announcing that one of them will be dating him in "a couple years." The Chicago Tribune reported:

In a December 1992 wire brief in the Chicago Tribune, Trump is described as having spotted a youth choir singing Christmas carols at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. He asked two girls how old they were. When they said they were 14, Trump, then 46, replied, "Wow! Just think -- in a couple of years, I'll be dating you."  

This sounds exactly like what Trump was recorded saying to a 10-year-old girl during a 1992 taping of Entertainment Tonight.

On Friday, we also learned that Trump fantasized about having sex with underage Lindsay Lohan, partly because she was "deeply troubled."

Make no mistake, if true, this behavior from a presidential candidate, of all people, constitutes live-action kiddie porn. Imagine for a moment that one of those little girls is your sister, your daughter or your granddaughter. Imagine a dirty old man with cartoon hair and makeup deliberately seeking to perv-out at the sight of your underage daughter's naked body -- simply to get off. Imagine if Trump pledged to your 14-year-old daughter that he'd surely have sex with her in "a couple years," presumably when she's 16 and still underage.

This isn't merely a form of sexual assault. This is the behavior of a clinically, disgustingly sociopathic mind; a mind that has no problem whatsoever with, 1) ogling underage girls, and 2) bragging about it on television and radio, proving that he has no sense of right and wrong. 

Imagine if it was underage boys.

Even amid all of the controversy and collapsing poll numbers, the political press and observers in general aren't making a big enough deal out of these allegations. Yes, the sexual molestation of grown women is one of the most horrifying examples of Trump's misogyny and utter lack of discipline, character and morality. But the revelations about underage girls could actually be far, far worse for obvious reasons.

If you're a Trump voter and if you have a daughter or granddaughter who's in her tween years, ask yourself this: Would you let Trump babysit her? Alone? Without any nanny-cams? If your answer is either "not sure" or "no," why the hell would you put this Aqualung character in charge of literally every daughter in the United States, as well as the rest of us?

Trump has to lose this election, and lose it badly -- if for no other reason than for the sake of our American women -- for the sake of our American girls. They don't deserve this. No one does.