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11 Year Old Girl Asks About Trump's Body Shaming, So Naturally Mike Pence Talks About Terrorism Instead

This was the most patronizing answer imaginable.
Via Gage Skidmore

Via Gage Skidmore

During an interview with in Columbus, OH, Mike Pence ran headfirst into Trump's disgusting comments about women and gave the worst answer possible. When asked how he would respond to an 11-year-old girl's painful admission that when she "hears [Trump's] words in campaign commercials it makes her feel bad about her body," Pence's bizarre response was about terrorism and revenue. 

Pence's seemingly evasive answer, "we are committed to a safer and more prosperous" country, (plus babbling about terrorism) actually directly addresses the question. It says, "your body image, how you feel about yourself as a girl and later as a woman, frankly is unimportant in this big world full of more important things." It says, "your problem is insignificant, men are allowed to say anything they want if they are also in a position of power and are saying they will protect you."

When faced with an actual child reflecting the damage of Trump's words, Pence chose to answer that Trump would keep her safe from ISIS (despite having no plan to do so) and make her country rich; so it doesn't matter if Trump makes her feel less worthy as a human being. 

Pence's answer says, simply, that he knows that what his ticket is promoting is bad -- he had no real answer for that girl other than his go-to of scary brown people and wealth -- and that he doesn't care. "More prosperous" are the only words that really matter here. While Trump has plans to cut taxes for the rich and businesses, he has none he is willing to share with us to make us "safer" and he certainly doesn't care about the effect he has on the self-esteem of America's women and girls. 

If your daughter said that a man's words about women made her feel bad about her body, what would you say? Would you brush her off this way, because that man is going to make our country "great" again? 

Mike Pence seems to think that this girl, and millions like her, should sit down, shut up about their feelings, and let the men run things. I guess he's a perfect match for Donald Trump after all.