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Trump's Latest Hail Mary: Blame Everything On An Evil Mexican Billionaire

The Mexicans are coming! The Mexicans are coming!
Behold a man that is one meltdown away from a straitjacket.

Behold a man that is one meltdown away from a straitjacket.

Paul Krugman must be psychic. He predicted that when Trump started to lose, he would go into a Derp Spiral of insanity. And now we know what that looks like:

The Donald Trump campaign will expand its war on the media and the Hillary Clinton campaign by attacking Carlos Slim, a Mexican billionaire and New York Times Company shareholder, the Wall Street Journal reported late Thursday.

Trump will accuse Slim of taking part in a conspiracy between the Clinton Foundation and the media to surface old allegations aimed at destroying the Republican nominee, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing an unnamed Trump adviser. Trump will use Slim's past donations to the Clinton Foundation to charge that Slim is motivated to attack Trump through the media, according to the Journal.

He's rich, he's Mexican and he's a New York Times shareholder? The only way Slim could be a more perfect boogeyman for Trump's basket of deplorables would be if he was a transsexual Muslim lesbian.

This is a doomed-to-fail Hail Mary for Trump. Yes, it will enrage the racist and xenophobic half of his base and probably mildly piss off some of the half motivated by economic stress but that's as far as it will go. Literally no one else will care because it's so obviously a fairy tale.

But this painfully transparent ruse is important for an entirely different reason: Trump is attempting to create a Democratic counterpart to Vladimir Putin interfering with our election. This is what Trump does when an attack is hitting a nerve with the public; he tries to flip the narrative. It's the surest sign yet that the links between Russia, Wikileaks and Trump's campaign are solidifying in the public's mind.

Trump's polling is in a freefall and now he's cut what tenuous attachment to reality he had left. It's only going to get uglier (and crazier) from here on out.