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Not Even KellyAnne Conway Can Defend Trump's Predatory Behavior Towards Minors

Is it possible that Trump's creepy Peeping Don act is a bridge too far even for Conway?
kellyanne conway i heard you.jpg

Kellyanne Conway has defended Trump in what seemed to be indefensible moments. However, she seems to have reached even her own limit on moral flexibility. When asked to answer the reports that Trump would enter the dressing room of Miss Teen USA contestants while they were in various stages of undress, Conway refused to answer.

Instead, she explained that she wasn't part of beauty pageants and couldn't have a "credible voice" on the issue. Then she changed the subject to Hillary Clinton (naturally). When forced back to the question at hand, her reply was a terse, angry "I heard you!" 

Yet still, no defense, unless you count the repeated statements that she was never in the pageant or her consistent whining of unfair coverage. "Unfair," it seems, means anything that hurts Trump. 

Then she was confronted with Donald Trump's own words to Howard Stern; words that seem to echo exactly what he was accused of. Conway tried to bat those away as he said/she said despite the near perfect symmetry of the statements with accusations of Trump entering pageant dressing rooms. Despite his direct confirmation of seeing naked and beautiful (underage) women, Conway just couldn't acknowledge the issue. 

This is a woman who defended her candidate's assertion that he would suspend due process to jail his opponent. She has defended his use of charitable funds for personal expenses. She has defended him attacking his own party, and even defended his "grab them by the p***y" remarks. 

Is it possible that Trump's creepy Peeping Don act is a bridge too far even for Conway?