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Vladimir Putin Has Won A Much-Coveted International Peace Prize (Honest!)

Tell a large enough lie and there will always be people who swallow it.

So manly! So peaceful!

A lot of people have been wondering what America would look like under a Trump presidency. As a dictator-in-waiting, Trump would naturally look for validation as America's Great, Glorious, Tremendous, Outstanding Leader from any corner of the globe. And now we know where he would get it from.

After years of brutal violence against enemies both domestic and foreign, strongman Vladimir Putin, the "elected" leader of Russia, was awarded a peace prize by....another strongman:

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro bestowed on Putin the Hugo Chávez Prize for Peace and Sovereignty of the Peoples. Putin can put it on his mantel beside China's Confucius Peace Prize, which he won in 2011.

The Chinese government also has a long list of human rights abuses that makes the "evil" American Empire look positively tame in comparison. The idea that Putin, China or Maduro are in a position to award or receive awards for peace and humanitarian work is laughable on its face. But what tinpot dictator wouldn't want the "honor" of receiving a pat on the back from another scumbag ruler? It's pure propaganda; one dictatorship propping up another in an international circlejerk.

Vladimir Putin

Pecs for peace!

But that's sort of the point. Tell a large enough lie and there will always be people who swallow it. This just happens to be the premise of Donald Trump's entire life: That he is a self-made billionaire with extraordinary business skills that never loses. Once he had people convinced of that, it was simplicity for him to convince them that he could run America just like he runs his businesses.

This is why Trump so often praises brutal dictators; he understands and appreciates the self-aggrandizing propaganda they use to sell themselves as great leaders. This is the pinnacle of ego that Trump aspires to: the unconditional adoration of millions of suckers and the power that comes with it.

Putin and his understudy.

Putin and his understudy.

If you want to know what America would look like under "President Trump", take a look at any banana republic run by a grandstanding narcissist. Everything will be centered on catering to his ego and punishing his enemies while the roads and bridges fall apart because running a country is, you know, hard work.

If this appeals to you, then by all means, vote for Trump. But if you're not an imbecile, the only option is to vote blue on November 8.