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Keith Olbermann: Trump's "Humane" Deportation Plan Looks An Awful Lot Like Concentration Camps

This is what Trump's "mass deportation" is really about.
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Keith Olbermann's latest video forces the watcher to face up to the reality of the evils in Donald Trump's "Pandora's box." It is going to be very uncomfortable for many, many people. What exactly, Keith asks, does the "humane deportation" of 11 million people look like? 

The simple answer: It looks like "camps." Camps in which people are "concentrated," all over the country, for the time that it takes to process them (currently 18 months, each). A process that has been projected to drag on for 19 years, even if it only takes 6 months each. 

Olbermann lays out the real numbers, the facts, and what would have to happen to make this plan work. The longer you listen the clearer the reason that Trump has not actually explained how this plan will be implemented becomes.  

It looks like death, and armed gestapo. It looks like laws making it a crime to not turn in loved ones. It looks like neighbors, friends, and relatives risking a place in those same camps because they won't fall in line with the evil that caused it. 

It looks like hell. It looks like the biggest mistakes in recent history, repeated. "Humanely," of course. 

The fact is, there is no other logical way that it can look. There is no method to do something like this, in any reasonable amount of time, for a president in America who only has a maximum of 8 years at the helm. No method that doesn't result in massive bloodshed and national shame. Just ask the Germans about it. 

Watch Keith Olbermann explain exactly what Trump's "humane" plan means for America.