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Where do I even begin? How can I or anyone else put into words the embarrassing, immoral and generally repugnant shit-show that the Donald Trump campaign represents for this country? Each time it feels like Trump can't get any more disgusting, he somehow manages to up the ante, leaving even the most cynical and exhausted utterly shocked and overwhelmed at the depths to which he's capable of sinking. It's not simply that he's trashed any sense of decorum expected from someone running for the highest office in the world; his behavior barely qualifies as befitting polite society.

Watching Trump stalking around like a caged animal during last night's debate, furious that a woman and his own pathetic pathology had gotten the best of him, was tough to process. After a news conference in which he used women as a prop to serve his own political ends, the point was clear that Trump's goal over the next month would be to humiliate Hillary Clinton -- to get her back for the beating she was giving him daily and would most certainly give him on November 8th. Trump can't handle the fact that he's finished. He can't take knowing that he's been exposed as the sad little loser he so often accuses others of being. He never stops bragging about what a "winner" he is -- and yet now it's clear he's going to get trampled. And again, trampled by a woman.

So how does he lash out? He basically threatens democracy itself, saying that if elected president he'll literally have his opponent investigated and thrown in prison. He's so desperate for the authoritarian presidency he imagines in his tiny pea brain that he engages in wish fulfillment for his lunatic base, the angry zealots who scream "lock her up!" at his rallies. He's an embarrassment, a bringer of shame to the American political system and, more directly, to the party that still refuses to officially condemn him. Last night, Trump came off every bit as the monster we've all known him to be. He was as ignorant and uninformed as the first debate, but last night he had the added bonus of being vicious because he knows in the 11th hour that he's lost. That it's over.

Honestly, I still don't know how to properly explain what we're seeing here. Maybe the only consolation is that he is going to lose. It's over for Trump. This nightmare is going to soon be over for the rest of us. Granted, the hideousness he's exposed and given voice to within our country will remain. That's not going anywhere. The damage has already been done. But Trump himself, that singular creature that's the embodiment of all this hatred and stupidity -- that's just about done. And thank God for it.